Welcome to, the MOST FINANCIALLY REWARDING social networking site in the world. We have a new and improved system which will reward everyone for the activities he/she carries out on this site.

How do I make money through MyPage5?
MyPage5 has a number of member bonuses. These bonuses are there to entice people to use the site as much as possible in order to create social communities and interact with each other. A summary of bonuses is as follows:

New member sign up with photo: $5.00
If a new member signs up and uploads his/her profile picture at registration, they’ll get this bonus. A picture is a nice touch to a profile so we like members to take time to upload one.

New member sign up without photo: $0.00

Create blog: 4c
Members will get this bonus every time they contribute a blog to the site. Blogs must be genuine and not copied or contain links to other blogs. You can upload up to ten blogs at a time but, only five will be rewarded or credited to your account.  If you copy and paste or infringe copy write  and you are caught, £10.00 will be deducted from your earnings.

Blog Comment: 1c
Members are allowed ten blog comments daily on blogs posted by other members.  Short or meaningless comments such as “nice” thanks for sharing” etc. will attract a penalty of $5.00.

Upload video: 2c
Members will get this bonus for every video that they upload to mypage5. Videos will not be offensive in nature and multiple posts of the same video is not allowed. Poor quality and copyright Videos will be deleted.  Please inspect your work before you post. Mypage5 will pay for up to two video uploads daily.
Those who upload videos without images or not titled in English, or dark videos will not have their payments processed.  Please delete them if they are not properly uploaded.  Anyone who uploads pornographic videos will be banned from MyPage5.

Video comment : 1c
Comment on the video you've just watched, not really a bad reward for commenting on a video. A maximum of five video comments are rewarded daily. Short or meaningless comments such as “nice” thanks for sharing” etc. will attract a penalty of $5.00.

Post classified: 1c
Do you have an item for sale?  Why not put it on our classifieds section.  Are you a woman looking for a man or a man looking for a woman?  Our classifieds page is your answer. One classified paid daily (whether item sells or not) though you may add as many as you wish free of cost if you have many things to sell.  Please note that the items on sale must be genuinely yours that you have to sell.  Simply downloading items from the internet does not qualify.

Create group: (Temporarily suspended)
Create a group to get this bonus. Groups are intended to bring together like minded individuals, work colleagues, school friends or just supporters of the same football team!

Start topic in a group: 1c
If you join and start a discussion in any of the groups the above is your reward.   One group comment is paid daily!

Group Comment: 1c
If you comment or contribute to the group topics the above is your reward.   One group comment is paid daily! Short or meaningless comments such as “nice” thanks for sharing” etc. will attract a penalty of $5.00.

Invite a friend: 15% of your referral’s daily activities
You will receive 15% of the referrals’ daily activities.  This money will be paid from mypage5 account and will be in effect as long as your referrals and you remain active.  Depending on your referrals to work for you is not allowed.  You must remain active on MyPage5 in order to be paid.

Profile comment: 1c
You can comment on members’ profiles but no duplicates, no spamming and no advertising. Please note that you are allowed to post maximum of fifteen user profile comments daily. Posting of multiple profile comments on one page on the same day is spamming. Please don’t do this as your risk losing all your earnings and your account becoming void.

Upload photo to album: 1c
Members will get 1c for any of their photos, friends or relations they upload to their profile photo albums. Please Note: duplicate photos, stock photos, Internet photos or any copyright material are not allowed. Such practice will lead to account suspension and revenue loss. Maximum number of photos a member is allowed to upload is 400, Those who insist on exceeding this allowance will not have their payments processed until they remove the excess.

Photo comment : 1c
Comment on photos you've just looked at, tell us what you think, your reward is the above. Mypage5 allows maximum of three photo comments daily.  Comments must not be abusive or meaningless.

Band comment : 1c
Your favourite band? comment on your band and get 1cent reward. Two band comments daily.  Comments must not be abusive or meaningless.

Chat reward:  2c
Join your favourite colour chat room and spend a minimum of 15 minutes in order to cash in on this bonus.  Please ensure that you click on “log off” otherwise the system will not reward you.

No foul language, no abuse and no sexual harassment!  Where we find that this is happening the respective offenders will be banned from MyPage5.  If any member suffers from any such abuse, they should report immediately to MyPage5 Admin.

How will I be paid?
MyPage5’s payment method is Paypal, which is an online payment service. Payment is instantaneous and protected against fraud. Please note that Paypal charges a small percentage fee for using their service. MyPage5 has a minimum payment amount of $25.   There are some countries in which Paypal does not operate;  in that case unfortunately we will not be able to pay you.

How do I ensure that I don’t get any money?
If a member is found to be using software or any other fraudulent means of increasing their rewards, MyPage5 will suspend their account and render their rewards null and void. MyPage5 will not hesitate to take legal action and report such individuals to the relevant authorities. Please Note: If you reach your pay-out by referring friends or otherwise but found not to active on mypage5, you will loose your pay-out right, inactive members are not beneficial to mypage5.

When will I get paid?
Mypage5 issues payments one month after you accrue them. For example, earnings you made in July 2009 will be paid in August 2009. If your revenue does not meet the minimum pay out, this revenue will automatically roll over to the following month.
Good luck, stay safe and do not forget to invite your friends.

Mypage5 Team


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